Janine McKenzie-Minifie

janine photoHolding a Bachelor of Health Science, qualified in Therapeutic Massage and certified in Clinical Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT) (Paul St John Method), Janine McKenzie-Minifie has worked in her own practice for over 15 years. During this time she has decreased the pain and improved the function and quality of life of many Wellingtonians, while also contracting out to provide massage to NZ's top sporting academy treating our top level athletes.

Clients travel to New Zealand to book sessions with Janine, as the rates charged in New Zealand are generally lower than those charged overseas for the same disciplines. In the 1990's an American couple reported that the savings they made seeing Janine compared to the cost of NMT treatment in their own country paid for their holiday. Several clients have traveled from Australia to see Janine on the basis of her reputation across the Tasman.

janine photo twoJanine has been mentored by LB Andersson (AAA Clinics, Stockholm, Sweeden) for the last 11 years. She has recieved accupuncture training from LB, Professor Ren (WHO) and continues to study dry needling with Johannes Van Hensbroek in Wellington. A Bachelor of Health Science degree, allows her to work as a personal trainer and exercise kinesiologist to train athletes, use exercise as rehabilitation, and safely train individuals with health conditions. She is completing the final paper for the CHEK exercise coach qualification. Janine has a passion for bodywork and maximizing the body's functional ability through appropriate exercise.