Personal training

Benefits of a personal trainer

 A qualified personal trainer assists you to safely start and maintain an effective exercise programme.  An understanding of your fitness goals helps your trainer motivate you to achieve.  Tailor-made exercise programmes, with up to date information, fit with your work and life schedule and allow you to get the most out of your gym time.  An unqualified personal trainer can train you into pain and injury therefore it is worth hiring a qualified one.

Benefits of working with Janine and Clive

  • With a degree in Health Science (sport and exercise), Janine has the academic knowledge to provide safe and effective exercise.  Her advanced knowledge of posture and function means she can design programmes that train you to function optimally.
  • Clive has a background of competitive runing and was hand picked to be trained by New Zealand's top coaches (Liddiard).  He has the practical know how to maximise your performance both in race strategies and in training.
  • From January 2013 Janine will be working with the latest technology from the states; gravity brand CHEK equipment. Taking traditional Pilates machines to a whole new level gravity provides a full body resistance based exercise at any level.