Types of massage

Treatment Massage

  • Addresses specific pain or dysfunction
  • Releases tight muscles that inhibit normal range of motion.  
  • Great for tension headaches, sciatica, OOS...

Sports Massage

  • Sports people push their bodies on a regular basis, massage helps ensure optimal performance when it counts.
  • Tight muscles cause injury, massage helps keep muscles supple and free from waste products that cause pain & stiffness. 
  • Studies show recovery improves with massage. 
  • Regular massage helps keep muscles supple.
  • Great for sports maintenance, post event recovery and sports related conditions like shin splints, hamstring or calf tension, and keeping hip flexors released to maintain stride length.

Relaxation Massage

  • Like a mini holiday, achieve the physical relaxation of a vacation in an hour on the table.
  • Helps you through the working week or to unwind for the weekend.
  • Reduces physical stress when work or life demands are excessive.

Workplace Massage

  • More than simply relaxing tight muscles!  
  • Therapists act as a confidant, and allowing clients to let off steam in a confidential environment.
  • Workplace activities are often unnatural and tension is unavoidable.
  • Clients enjoy workplace massage and it generates good will between employer and employee improving workplace morale, and, importantly, reducing the incidence of work days lost due to stress related issues.

Special Needs Massage

  • Massage can be incredibly healing for those with special needs.
  • Janine has worked extensively with paraplegic and tetraplegic clients to achieve increased range of motion and to release muscles that get tight through being used creatively all day.