I have been seeing Janine from total performance health for over 3 years. When I first came to Janine I had a number of long term back issues. After 2 massage sessions my sciatica which I had on both sides of body had totally gone. I had suffered with sciatica for a number of years and in more than 3 years it has not returned.

Today my back is in a state that I could not have dreamed of 3 years ago. Seeing Janine also gave me access to a network of trained professionals and when she determined I needed more than massage she advised me and has put me in touch with other excellent professionals.

I would not hesitate to recommend Janine to anyone who has back issues and I have referred a number of people to Janine. All the people I know who I have recommended her to have spoken highly of her.

Greg B

I have worked together with Janine for 10 years now. She is one of the most highly educated therapists in New Zealand. She has a broad knowledge of the human immune system and of the functions of the human body.

I have been one of her mentors, having 30 years experience gathered from around the world. I can highly recommend her as your practitioner as I believe you will come off better off after visiting her practice. She is genuine, caring and very good at what she is doing. You will be in great hands.

L.B. Andersson Dr Acc, Dr ME.

I have been receiving treatment from Janine for 6 years now on recommendation from my mum, who suffered OOS for years. Following a trigger point treatment and a self massage and exercise program from Janine my mother's OOS no longer troubles her despite the fact that she continues at her job as a legal secretary.

After a horse riding accident I suffered constant neck and back pain and headaches including sever migraines with visual disturbances for 15 years. From the time I began seeing Janine these symptoms all but disappeared through Janine's careful effective treatment. This year (2010) I suffered two whiplashes, one from football and one more recently from a motorway car accident.

Within one session with Janine I woke up this morning and I can move my neck with no pain. To put this in context yesterday I could not move my neck, was wearing a collar and was in severe pain. Janine is an absolute wealth of knowledge, her treatment extends beyond the massage table into advice about exercise for rehabilitation and general lifestyle modifications for good health.

Her knowledge is extensive and her approach is gentle and understanding. I have recommended her to family, friends and colleagues all of whom find her as amazing as I do. Simply amazing healing.

A.M. Client

Fortunately I have had the privilege to get to know Janine as a practitioner and friend. Janine is a purist and a rare find within our rapidly evolving and often comprehensive field. Her dedication and commitment is extraordinary.

Hence she has built an impressive reputation as a Neuro-Muscular Therapist. Janine and I have worked together integrating Exercise Kinesiology and Neuro-Muscular Therapy with numerous clients for a number of years.

The results are fantastic and long term, providing the client with a strong sense of personal empowerment. It is a pleasure to collaberate with janine and I highly recommend her services :)

FK Exercise Kinesiologist